3D Drawings On Concrete Canvas

 - Dec 30, 2008
References: users.skynet.be & wbyeast.blogspot
Sometimes on a hot summer’s day, you nearly fall over a guy tirelessly drawing on the pavement with chalk in a busy capital town hall square. Days later you realize what the guy was doing, when an amazing 3D picture emerges out of the grey pavement.

That guy could have been Julian Beever, an English street artist who has been drawing on pavements for over 20 years, specializing in optical illusions. These drawings look so real, especially the man diving into the water and the little girl looking down from a sky high building.

In the video above you can get an idea for how this optical illusion is achieved, also featured besides Julian Beever’s work is another amazing pioneer within the calk drawing scene: Kurt Wenner. Don’t fall into the pond please!