These Birdhouses by Blaine Fontana are Hungry for Feathered Friends

Birdhouses are traditionally quaint little cottage-looking structures that welcome tiny spring birds with delicious bird feed, but artist Blaine Fontana has other ideas. His series of birdhouses channel a disturbing, but amazing surrealism. Made entirely of vinyl, these birdhouses channel an Alice in Wonderland-esque monstrous quality. They each have a full set of teeth and a bright-red tongue to chomp down on any feathered friend that happens to pass their way.

The birdhouse shape itself is slanted and narrow, giving it a dreamlike quality. With windows functioning as its eyes and an explicit set of teeth, these birdhouses are almost completely personified. However, Blaine Fontana does not make them into welcoming bird hotels, but into carnivorous bird-eating creatures.

Blaine Fontana's surreal birdhouses are a unique way to incorporate artistic qualities into a functional product; with their spooky faces, they're also a great way to get rid of any unwelcome pests.