Robert Townsend Illustrates Irony and Nostalgia on Products

Los Angeles-based artist Robert Townsend has a sense of color, depth, composition and humor. One need only look at
his work to understand this.

The pop surrealist recently put his brush to the canvas, creating a slew of realistically rendered paintings of everyday items
from yesteryear. In a streak of wry wit, one painting depicts children's alphabetical building blocks that read, "z is for xanax." In another painting, Townsend portrays a used car sales man in such a way that he resembles an old time talk show host.

This sort of ironic, almost satirical humor may not paint the past as a golden age, but it is not without nostalgia.

As with much pop art and pop surrealism, Townsend's work plays upon notes of familiarity, subtly changing their timbre and pitch so as to encourage the viewer to see things a little differently.