Interesni Kazki Creates an Alternate Reality with Their Work

It's hard not to be taken by the originality and creativity of Ukrainian illustration duo Interesni Kazki. Their work is full of bright, artistic flourishes that evoke a sense of fantasy, wonder, and fun.

Interesni Kazki specialize in fantastical imagery that makes each drawing look like it belongs in a twisted children's sci-fi book. Interesni Kazki are also renown for their work as street artists. Their graffiti marks walls across Eastern Europe, and they have established a distinct aesthetic that has made them heroes to street artists and illustrators around the world.

Their work has a specific attention to detail that is hard to find. Their characters are brought to life through the duo's deft use of effervescent coloring and surrealist imagery.

Take a look through the gallery to see why Interesni Kazki is considered one of Europe's hottest art duos.