From Arcade Hero Graffiti to Vintage Gamer Art

 - Feb 1, 2013
Get pumped for GameStop and Best Buy Black Friday 2012 video game savings with these gamer culture-inspired art creations.

Video game art is a modern approach to how pervasive the niche group is within our culture. These reinterpretations of video game images and characters help to add another layer to the genre, which allows for cultural expansion in ways never before conceived. Nintendo characters personified or changed into hideous creatures and game controller sculpture installations is a perfect synergy of art-imitating-art. This new layer helps take commonly recognized figures and transform them into something that is fresh, modern and different. The Nintendo Wii U is on sale at retailers including GameStope and Best Buy where prices have been significantly dropped for the annual Black Friday sale, which is a fantastic way to become inspired to re-invent classic creations.

We’ll see more video game art in the future as the more participants there are the more we’ll have them re-inventing images. Until then, grab some Black Friday 2012 video game savings while they last to keep gaming and getting inspired.