Marussiac Creates Pieces Inspired by Lara Croft and Aliens

The most important Marussiac artwork from recent times are: 'Lara’s Gender Solutions' and 'Euthanasia Christian Alien.' On the bookshelf is a small plastic statue of "Lara’s Gender Solutions". Hollywood female sex symbol Lara Croft is inconsistent with her behavior of man.Marussiac solves this problem through his own way of creating a "male symbol" for her.

Another example of Marussiac's work is the artwork 'Euthanasia Christian Alien' which questions: "Are there aliens?" and "Believe aliens in God?" But rather than answering them directly, Marussiac leaves these questions to die implying that questions are dangerous.

Marussiac said: "If humanity on planet Earth suddenly disappeared, if the planet earth was only one report on humanity, if the planet earth was only DVD spiderman, if planet earth being visited by similar people. These beings would believe that Spiderman is real as God."