These Nutty Creations Feature Jams and Peanut Butter Love

 - Jun 24, 2013
Tumblr has a huge number of users who constantly show off their peanut butter love. While the Internet makes a good companion for this nutty spread, nothing can beat the classic pairing of peanut butter and jam.

There are so many varieties of peanut butter now on supermarket shelves, including creamy, crunchy, organic and chocolate-infused. These choices bring endless possibilities for sandwiches, and this is inspiring artists and designers to bring the dynamic duo outside the kitchen and into home decor and accessories.

If you love "PB and J," you’ll adore being able to wear earrings in the shape of toast, spread with peanut butter and jam, or carry all of your essentials in a sandwich-shaped purse; the only drawback is you will find yourself craving your favorite snack.