Nutropolitan Museum of Art Displays the Culinary Craft of Condiments

Learning about archaeology or sculpture aren't the only ways to soak up a little culture; rather, the Nutropolitan Museum of Art offers a way to explore a common passion as form of culinary craft.

Lee Zalben of New York City's 'Peanut Butter & Co.' has, for three days, taken the prized creations of his cafe's kitchen to the Openhouse Gallery of Mulberry Street. The homey diner is famous for churning out an extensive selection of peanut butter sandwiches, incorporating unconventional ingredients from white chocolate and bacon to pickles and Pez.

This year's March event turned a favorite meal into a museum exhibit, complete with fun facts about the bread spread and the guest appearance of a peanut farmer. The Nutropolitan Museum of Art must have enticed a crowd of even the most reluctant gallery-goers.