From Phallic Outdoor Seating to Phallic Firearms

 - May 21, 2013
Phallic objectification is everywhere; from editorials, fashion, advertising to products, the phallic symbol is literally staring the public in the face. A cultural taboo to discuss openly, is it bizarre that the male genitalia keeps popping up? Perhaps the phallic symbol obsession originates from the faithful saying that sex sells. We are after all, only human.

From everyday home products like phallic-inspired crochet cushions you can curl up next to, to phallic-shaped skyscrapers you can live in. There are even phallic costume mascots and naughty-shaped pens perfect for signing off on letters. This really begs the question: when products are designed with the phallic in mind, do they really sell better? At the end of the day, sex truly can sell everything and anything.