Modern Art Accessories by Frank Gehry for Tiffany & Co.

 - Jan 5, 2010
References: tiffany & dexigner
Legendary and innovative architect Frank Gehry has created a remarkable jewelery line for jewelery magnates Tiffany & Co. Many of the unique characteristics of his designing abilities are skilfully applied to his jewelery line.

There are seven distinctive jewelery collections which embody all aspects of Gehry’s flair for expression and art: Fish, Flux, Morph, Hearts, Orchid, Star, Torque and Tube. A lot of the designs can be considered "really out there", but nonetheless the elegance is maintained, which Tiffany & Co. are famous for. 

Many facets in his jewelery line emphasize the abstract concepts, like the collapsed looking heart from his collection Hearts. Gehry’s Fish, Morph and Tube line are a play on colour and shape, which is must for any design devotee. In Gehry’s Torque and Star collection, we can see such inventive and bold designs in which the architect is notorious: fairly simple, yet very bold with his arrangement of the familiar and recognizable shapes.

Furthermore, Gehry’s line extends into the home, which is a perfect modern and edgy addition to the home decor. Almost brash and phallic, Gehry’s orchid-inspired vase could just be that conversation starter that your home needs for parties and get-togethers.