These Edible Phallic Snacks Invokes Interesting Thoughts

 - Sep 22, 2012
References: youtube
Expect none other than Japan to come out with this provocatively weird edible phallic snack ad.

This '2X Di-L-Do' sexually provocative strawberry snack (yes, you read that right) is depicted with two girls who dance daintily while cosplaying in uniforms, such as the seemingly innocent high school girl and maid. Because double is always better, the ads are played back to back, which is typical of the Asian country. This sweet boasts to be twice as fun as the girls share the phallic sweet together. As tempting as this sucker is, it's only available in Japan.

The commercial is very careful not to mislead viewers as it clearly states at the very beginning in the large kanji, or Chinese character, that this product is a candy, but that's not going to stop viewers from thinking otherwise.