- Sep 17, 2014
News of Ryan Gosling's baby might have just broken the Internet. Yes, Gosling has gone and done it again: shattered millions of girls' hearts all over the world by becoming a father. Gosling's long-time girlfriend, Eva Mendes, reportedly gave birth to a daughter on September 12th. I think the most appropriate response here, besides tears, is "Hey, Girl." It's too perfect.

Understandably, fans have been going a little crazy over the news. I'm sure they were plenty who were holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, they would end up with Ryan. Hey, a girl can dream, can she? One fan took to her Twitter to exclaim, "How dare you give Ryan Gosling a daughter, God. Can you imagine the complex that girl will have when she compares all other men to her dad??" Valid point.

Another fan summarizes our shock in one sentence: "Ryan Gosling is a daddy HOW DID WE END UP HERE." How did we end up here, indeed.

Ryan Gosling's Baby is Poised to Be Cutest Celebrity Spawn of All Time: