The 'Programmer Ryan Gosling' Blog Features the Sultry Celeb Getting Nerdy

The 'Programmer Ryan Gosling' blog on Tumblr is a hilariously geeky nod to the popular 'F*** Yeah Ryan Gosling' internet meme that exploded earlier this year.

Featuring a slew of photos of the popular actor spitting out jokes geared toward the extremely computer literate, each image stays true to the 'Hey Girl' format that made the original blog such a smash-hit.

Referencing RGB color numbers and website coding scripts, the blog will illicit a few laughs from the programming world, while leaving hopelessly devoted Gos' fans wishing they understood what the heck all those numbers and symbols meant.

Pairing a good-looking celebrity with cute or quirky captions is a sure-fire way to garner a ton of web attention, and the 'Programmer Ryan Gosling' blog appeals to both computer geeks and crazed fans that enjoy the Hollywood cutie talking nerdy.