The New Auckland True Blood Advertisement is Shocking

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: hbocanada & buzzfeed
The Auckland True Blood billboard in New Zealand is a huge display of the show’s more-than-mature content.

True Blood is notoriously graphic, dirty and thrilling—more so than any other show riding the passing wave of vampire popularity. Branding itself as "Vampires for Grownups," the series prides itself in its sexual nature. Rather than downplaying this potentially controversial and unbecoming trait, True Blood bares all.

Underscoring its hard-hitting sexual nature is definitely the differentiating factor from other popular pieces of entertainment like The Vampire Diaries, Twilight or Underworld. Since there is a negative ‘fan-girl’ stigma that comes with the Twilight phenomenon, it is not hard to see why the directors take such risque lengths to distance themselves.

The duality of the billboard is perfect in describing True Blood’s cornerstone characteristics of both sex and gore.