From Personal News-Reporting Apps to Customized Internet Tools

 - Dec 23, 2013
These personal social media campaigns are fantastic examples of how to interact and engage with fans on a one-on-one level. Showing support for a particular brand by following it on social media is one thing, but when brands begin to communicate with their fans, this deepens the connection.

These campaigns show how to start a conversation with existing customers and attract prospective ones. Some fantastic examples of this include a super successful initiative by Kleenex, which tracked people on social media who complained about being sick and immediately sent them custom get well kits. 100% of the people who received a kit from Kleenex showed their appreciation with thanks and posted pictures of the surprise kits online.

Another awesome example is the ‘Want New Car’ campaign by Honda, which took tweets from people who were unhappy with their current vehicles and had Honda representatives respond personally with short Vine videos.