MapQuest Vibe Lets Users Engage with Cities Interactively

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: mqvibe.mapquest & psfk
MapQuest Vibe is a new tool that lets users search cities in the US and learn about them interactively. Vibe enables users the opportunity to plan out trips in a more informed manner by digging deeper and understanding a city.

MapQuest Vibe, which was created from data that was pulled over a ten-year timeframe, is currently includes 27,000 cities all across the US; more neighborhoods are planned to be included in the short term. This is definitely a tool that could catch on for the travel inclined.

Implications - Consumers are eager for technology to connect them to the real world in ways that they find exciting. MapQuest Vibe taps into this desire by breaking down cities based on various categories. Companies should take this desire to connect with the real world into account when creating products and services.