Toaster Strudel Launched Eat What You Tweet to Gain Followers

 - Aug 29, 2013
References: mashable
To get personal with toaster strudel lovers, the company launched the 'Eat What You Tweet' campaign to create interaction.

Up until very recently, the mouth-watering favorite treat had no social media identity. However, since Pillsbury Toaster Strudel made themselves accessible online, they've grabbed people's attention.

For this fun campaign to be successful, people need to start being pro-active about their pastries. The way this works is people tell Toaster Strudel how they get their morning started via Twitter with #StrudelArt in their update. Once you share your morning online, the team will send you a message back! The message includes the picture of a strudel with personalized icing that coincides with how you spend your morning.

This is a great campaign to get a younger generation who already loves the dessert to get active on social media and be toaster strudel followers for life.