Kita Kore is a Social Events Website That Learns From Users

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: i4u & japantrends
Appropriately named after the Japanese expression that means "just what I wanted," Kita Kore is a social media website that recommends parties, concerts and other events to registered users based on their preferences and past engagements.

After supplying some rudimentary information including your age, willingness to pay for entrance and general interests, you're ready to party! Kita Kore will then recommend local events for you to attend. If you're into industrial metal, you could be directed to a free concert; should you show interest in expensive whiskeys, you'll be informed about a nearby tasting event; and If anime is your thing, Kita Kore will let you know about a local convention.

Who knows, in 3 months you might find yourself in the throes of an exhilarating mosh pit at a minimal techno concert, thinking "Kita Kore!"