Nissan 'FlashForward' Promo Offers a Glimpse Into the Future

Using Facebook as a launchpad to give customers a personalized brand experience is on the rise, and the Nissan 'FlashForward' promotion is another initiative adding to this growing list of creative social marketing campaigns.

Launched by Nissan Australia, the Nissan 'FlashForward' campaign features an app that requires Facebook fans to answer basic questions about themselves and their preferences, after which the app determines which Nissan car model best fits the person's interests and personality. Then, the app creates a video that provides a glimpse into the person's future, essentially highlighting all the ways the person's life will change when he or she has a new Nissan to drive, using, of course, information from the participant's Facebook Timeline.

The campaign was created by Reactive, and it also offers users a chance to win the Nissan car that was recommended for them by the app.