The David Schwen Pantone Food Pairings Are Scrumptious

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: instagram & buzzfeed
The David Schwen Pantone project brings together quirky pairings of food on Pantone color swatches. Classic pairings like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, peas and carrots, bacon and eggs and mac and cheese are brought together in scientific symmetrical squares.

The delightful project entitled David Schwen 'Pantone Food Pairings' was born from a happy accident. The designer had initially set out to create pairings of household objects like sponges and cardboard when he started to think about the way people pair their food and then this yummy project was born.

The Minneapolis-based graphic designer and illustrator has created the perfect remix of a well known brand in a quirky and engaging way. You can check out the artist's Instagram for more images from the project.