Campbell Whyte Seeks to Draw Every NES Game Ever Made in '8 Bit Dreams'

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: campbellwhyte & technabob
Australian artist Campbell Whyte has undertaken a noble, yet nerdy quest with his art series 8 Bit Dreams. Whyte's 8 Bit Dreams series is filled with illustrations based off of games released for the NES.

What makes 8 Bit Dreams a quest and not merely a task is the fact that the artist plans to create one drawing for every single NES game ever released. You may be wondering just how many NES games were released. The answer to that question is 799.

799 is a lot of anything, especially illustrations based upon 8-bit video games. Still, you have to commend Whyte here, as he is doing something I have never seen any artist attempt. The illustrations that make up 8 Bit Dreams aren't half bad either. I like the style of drawing; the games use regular cartoon characters as opposed to 8-bit sprites. The use of cartoonish characters also makes it a little tough to tell which game is which. I'm a pretty big video game nerd, and even I couldn't tell you what games some of these drawings represent.