Rubenmichi Creations on the ABSOLUT Network are Fantastical and Wild

 - Dec 8, 2012
References: absolutnetwork & itsnicethat
Fans of surrealistic art are going to fall in love with these sketches from Rubenmichi that can be found on the ABSOLUT Network for artists.

Pioneered by Salvador Dali, surrealism is an art form that creates a fantastical, dream-like environment where the subconscious mind is blended with real life figures. Spain-based artist Rubenmichi continues on this obscure art form by creating a number of pieces that place a number of familiar faces into situations that confuse the mind and force one to reconsider their place in the world. The majority of Rubenmichi's creations borderline on the morbid, yet the playful use of animals and other natural elements help to balance the stark images.

As with other surrealist art, Rubenmichi's art has several layers that scream to be analyzed, interpreted and understood.