Anastasia Melnicova Depicts the Life of a Curious Kitty

 - Sep 17, 2013
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Anastasia Melnicova is an Illustrator from Moscow where she gives human-like qualities to a very feminine feline in her colorful cat illustrations. There is no doubt about it, cats get a lot of attention and the title of the images, ‘Everybody wants to be a cat’ is not far from the truth.

Within the pop-art-like images, a kitty wears a tightly fitted dress highlighting her curves. The cat begs for attention, as pets do, and is patted by a man in a suit. The photos demonstrate "anthropomorphism" where animals are given human-like qualities, but Melnicova shows this in an artistic fashion.

Bright colors are used where black shadows are added to create that pop-art effect. These colorful cat illustrations comment on the cat craze and also reveal that people love attention just as much as our pets do.