From Celeb Face Cushions to Plush Social Media Decor

 - Jul 24, 2014
Home decor is always a fun way to show off one's personality and these printed pillow designs are both an inexpensive and vivid way to transform any interior.

The statement accessories range from celeb faced cushions that celebrate the best in cinematic talent to plush social media decor that translates online networks into home accent pieces.

Standouts from this list of printed pillow designs include cushions from Etsy's Plantillo shop. The decorative home accessories are inspired by nature and resemble lifelike flowers. The pieces are an instant statement piece wherever they are displayed and bring the beauty of the outdoors into one's home.

Another fun example from the list is Shop Jeen's Netflixing pillow that is celebrates the film subscription service. The cushion invites film fans to stay in and get cozy while watching their favorite movies or TV shows.