The New Line of Hand-Printed Textiles is Fresh and Earth-Friendly

If you're a nature and flora enthusiast and would like to add some color to your living room, then combine your passion for the botanical world with home decor with these hand-printed textiles.

Designed by Josie Dawson, this original and very fresh take on Aussie fauna works perfectly with these hand printed textiles to add style and depth to any room. What makes these cushions even more special is that all the designs are printed on 100% linen fabric using only environmentally friendly solvent free inks.

With a background in Art and Interior Design, Dawson was able to harmoniously create these modern looking textiles to brighten up living spaces with splashes of color and all the good vibes that come from nature.

The Australia-based Dawson uses her designs to reflect the things that inspire her like nature, color, everyday objects and rituals.