The Handmade Plush Pillows by Laura Frisk are Adorable

 - Oct 22, 2012
References: etsy
Laura Frisk from Salt Lake City, Utah is making some of the best eco-friendly handmade plush pillows that feature cute, cuddly and colorful animals.

Each of Laura’s pillows are made in a unique way; she starts by carving the original illustration into a woodblock that is then inked with archival eco-friendly fabric ink and then hand pressed into 100 percent cotton. The ink is later heat set, so it is more durable and can be machine washed.

The pillows range from animals like the fox, lions, deer antlers, rabbits and penguins, plus many more.

It’s great to see companies nowadays trying to be as eco-friendly as possible and they try to appeal to the average consumer who wants to know that what it is they are purchasing is made with the best intentions possible. Laura Frisk is one such company.