- Feb 3, 2015
These birthday cake flavoring examples range from traditional desserts to treats that put a fresh twist on a classic recipe. From sprinkled cinema treats to festive birthday cookies, these dessert ideas will satisfy your sweet tooth while reminding you of your childhood.

When celebrating a kid's birthday, food allergies and ingredient intolerance can put a damper on any party but they don't have to thanks to salmonella-free and egg-less cookie dough. The product has gained popularity among health-conscious parents and is available in a variety of flavors, including birthday cake. The snack is made to eat and will be a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Another standout from this list is a celebratory pancake recipe courtesy of The House that Lars Built, a lifestyle blog that shows parents how to make their very own birthday cake pancakes. This recipe is perfect for on-the-go parents and takes significantly less time than a traditional cake. The end result features edible confetti and pink icing that is as gorgeous to photograph as it is delicious.

From Sprinkled Cinema Snacks to Festive Birthday Cookies: