These Fluffy Animal Wrist Rest Cushions Keep Typers Comfortable

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: mochithings & swiss-miss
If, like me, you are in the business of typing furiously on the keyboard all day long, you may find that a cozy wrist rest is the cushiest way to prevent your arm from getting sore.

Sitting at the computer for lengthy periods of time can take its toll on the body and many people have acclimated by switching out their office chairs for ergonomic seats, but many ignore the pain developing in their wrists. With a cute fleece animal face and an easy Velcro band, the Fluffy Animal Wrist Cushion collection from MochiThings supports the wrist while typing or using the mouse, preventing much suffering down the line.

So incredibly adorable, this wrist rest series can be worn as funky jewelry when not in use.