The Heart Applique for Pillows is Romantically Stylish

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the heart applique for pillows is a great festive DIY project. Why not add some festive decor if you're entertaining friends or having your sweetheart over for dinner? The sewing project was generated by Stefanie Klaus from the Girl Inspired blog. The free downloadable heart applique template is printed and used as a guide for tracing the fabric onto an adhesive sheet.

The fairly cost-efficient DIY project requires the purchase of a Heat 'n' Bond adhesive, the desired fabric design piece and a cute, neutral-colored pillow. The step-by-step DIY project is featured on the Girl Inspired blog. The heart applique is printable off the Girl Inspired blog as well.

The project isn't restricted to Valentine's day only -- it can easily complement home decor all-year-round.