Artist Jane Lee Excels at Peaceful and Colorful Nature Portraits

 - May 28, 2013
References: & booooooom
Los Angeles-based illustrator Jane Lee is an artist with a penchant for creating artwork that showcases the beauty of solitude in nature, which she combines with surrealist imagery to produce pieces that are equal parts beautiful as they are unsettling.

Jane Lee's partial portfolio is full of solitary charm. Many of her illustrations feature a single person in the forest, their bodes partly covered by foliage, their faces either obscured or locked in a melancholy grimace. Jane Lee excels at producing work that exudes a sense of calm while simultaneously expressing lonely longing.

My favorite image in Jane Lee's partial portfolio features fellow artist and friend Edward Cushenberry. Edward is deeply ensconced in the leaves, kneeling, with a forceful grip on some shrubbery. The image showcases a strong skill Jane Lee has in spades: the ability to illustrate a person that appears uncomfortable, but seems like there's no place they'd rather be-- alone with their thoughts and feelings in the woods.