Rob Sato Draws the Planet as it Weaves in Upon Itself

 - Aug 14, 2011
References: robsato & urhajos.tumblr
These Rob Sato illustrations really do a number on the viewer's mind. After all, they can be looked at in any orientation and still be perfectly coherent pieces, assuming they were coherent to begin with.

Rob Sato is a California-based artist who specializes in drawing surrealist environments. In particular, his illustrations titled 'Unearthing' have streets and nature weaving in upon themselves -- so much so that audiences can't discern which way is up or down. The complexity and mind-boggling qualities of Rob Sato's pieces truly make him stand out from his contemporaries.

Implications - Consumers are attracted to surrealist imagery because they give consumers a euphoric sense of escapism. Consumers use this euphoria as a source of tension relief. Corporations may capitalize on consumer desire for euphoria and utilize surrealistic imagery in their promotional campaigns.