The 'Neverlasting Miracles' Exhibit by Todd Schorr

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: juxtapoz
These portraits by Todd Schorr, photographed by Amy Duran, are from his ‘Neverlasting Miracles’ exhibit currently at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in L.A. These bizarre illustrations combine elements from popular fairy tales and infuse those recognizable images with surrealist qualities, resulting in a viewing experience that is simultaneously inviting and alienating.

Involving elements and themes that derive from contemporary concerns, the landscapes in some of Todd Schorr’s portraits appear to be sinister incarnations, reflecting the menacing and immoral conflict within the image.

The relationship between landscape and inhabitants creates a compelling narrative indicative of modern interactions and consequences. Mirroring the decay of morality in light of supposed advancements in the human condition, Todd Schorr’s illustrations offer an intriguing and intimidating visual depiction of our inability to progress beyond the primitive.