The ‘Born With Three Mouths' Surrealist Film Series is Jarring

 - Mar 19, 2012
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Photographer Alva Bernadine is a master of the surreal art form and ‘Born With Three Mouths’ is a freaky and mind-melting video installation showcasing both wild body modification and spectacular computer modification.

Hellen, also known as Traumata, is the subject of this wacky short film series. The body art performer surgically split her tongue into two pieces, similar to a serpent, and can move each piece independently.

Bernadine’s short film transforms Hellen into a three-mouthed version of her former self, placing lips and teeth where her eyes should be. Each set of chops then opens and closes at different intervals throughout the video.

To create this surreal installation, Bernadine first filmed Hellen as she contorted her kisser in various ways and then used those images as the basis for the additional mouths that he created. Using After Effects, and extensive post-production work, the artist created three functional gobs that each move independently of the others.

‘Born With Three Mouths’ is a jarring and perplexing take on the human body that will puzzle, and perhaps terrify, anyone who sees it.