In Response to the Recent Release of Prince Harry Nudes

 - Aug 23, 2012
As many ladies know the Internet has fueled a new Royal scandal that involves the recent release of Prince Harry nudes. These scandalous shots show the raging red-headed royal -- minus all of his clothing -- in the company of other equally naked individuals. Despite the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," the Internet never forgets and those photographs can never be fully retrieved. This is especially true for those who are members of the British Royal Family.

Young Harry has comfortably assumed a role that is the polar opposite of his respectable, conservative and clothed older brother Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. This is not the first time that the deviant royal has caused a stir and garnered unwanted media attention and coverage with his outrageous behavior. With his long list of mistakes and fumbles, these Prince Harry nudes are just another bump in the road of embarrassment for the Royal Family.