Kelly and Lee Swap Vows at the BRMB Naked Wedding Competition

 - Mar 19, 2011
References: brmb & odditycentral
UK radio station BRMB recently had a competition in which the winners would get an all-expenses-paid wedding. Kelly Clinton and Lee Wiggets have been together for over 11 years, but due to financial troubles they haven't been able afford to have a wedding ceremony.

Listeners of BRMB voted them as the winners of the competition. There's one catch to this all-inclusive wedding party, though: you have to show up to the ceremony naked.

On March 15, Kelly Clinton and Lee Wiggets showed up to the Honiley Court Hotel, in Warwick, pretty much baring it all. Kelly wore just a veil and some skimpy underwear, while Lee sported a top hat covering his nether region.

In was an interesting experience for the couple; however, for all expenses paid for by BRMB, it might just be worth it.