From Edward Scissorhands Style to Pirate Hat Fashion

 - Mar 18, 2014
Johnny Depp is the chameleon of actors, its no wonder his wacky characters’ fashion has resulted in so many inspired products.

When it comes to Depp’s characters, no two dress alike. He’s portrayed so many fashionable roles -- Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, The Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, Sweeny Todd -- just to name a few. His iconic attire has inspired fashion editorials, wedding photoshoots, clothing lines, shoes, hats and even hairstyles. Whether it’s channeling the dark Gothic Scissorhands look or wild and the colorful Mad Hatter style, the fashion world can clearly learn a thing or two from Depp’s wide array of characters.

Pirate hats, pirate scarves and mad hatter couture prove that you don’t have be cosplaying to dress like your favorite Johnny Depp character. With all these innovative character-inspired clothes, you can be a fangirl and a fashionista!