Pirates 3 Influences Fashion

 - May 31, 2007
References: ftd.de
In only six days, the sea faring scavengers of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End collected more gold than any other silver screen characters before them.

The third movie in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series earned $301 million in its first six days at the box office. Record revenues were recorded in many countries, including Europe and Asia, and quickly dominated number one spots on movie charts worldwide. No movie has ever hit $400 million mark that quickly. Until Pirates, Spider Man 3 was leading the way, with total sales of $382 million in its first six days.

And, Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has become the latest style icon. The crazy, often inebriated pirate has brought the skull-and-crossbones logo back into style, as well as other nautical motifs like anchors and sails.

Aldo introduced its flashy rhinestone-crusted skull-and-crossbone necklaces. Zara sold t-shirts with the designs. Cropped pants, headscarves, coin jewellery and striped tops reflected the sailor look dominating the fashion scene. Red, white and blue themes kept the nautical theme going strong.

Not willing to let other merchandisers be the sole beneficiaries of the movie craze, Disney launched its own line of pirate bootie. The Disney line includes couture fashion, costume jewellery, shoes, toys, electronics and snacks.

Orlando Bloom noticed the trend in 2003 already. “Fashion started going like pirate-y and people were wearing T-shirts and hats and gear that had that rough-around-the-edges feel,” he said. “It really hit me on the first movie, but now because it's been out there for so long, it just seems normal, which is really weird.”