From Contemporary Captain Fashion to Swashbuckling Playgrounds

 - Nov 17, 2011
With the popularity of Johnny Depp as a swashbuckling pirate on the big screen comes these adventurous pirate innovations that have undoubtedly been inspired by the actor's journey across the seas.

There is something undeniably appealing about the pirate lifestyle with the carefree attitude and wild adventure around every corner. From editorials inspired by pirates to pirate-themed hotels, the desire to set sail seems to be just about everywhere.

Check out these adventurous pirate innovations and you may find yourself ready to sail away as well.

Implications - Consumers in the modern age are looking for more adventure in their lives. Everyday products that let shoppers feel like they are taking risks attract more attention than practical ones. Developing more items with this element in mind could help a company solidify their place on the market.