Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 4

 - Oct 7, 2008
References: aceshowbiz
Johnny Depp is set to become the highest paid actor ever as he has been offered $64 million upfront to reprise his role as the lovable cad, Captain Jack Sparrow. After all, no one else will do. Johnny Depp has a presence that makes every single one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies a hit.

Depp already hinted to Entertainment Weekly last year that he was game for another installment, "As long as you're doing it for the right reasons, why not? If we came up with a story where we could explore something absurd or funny or totally insane," he had said.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is set to release in May 2011. The movie will have Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa seeking "The Fountain of Youth". It looks like the franchise has already found it as it rejuvenates itself with each episode.