The Appeal of Swashbuckling Culture is H-Arrrrrd to Deny

 - Mar 6, 2011
Despite the best efforts of a few weaponized criminals in the Gulf of Aden and an ill-informed branding campaign by the recording industry, this collection of pirate inspirations is proof that pirate-themed innovations remain popular, lucrative and affectionately embraced across the broad spectrum of our pop-culture zeitgeist.

From bejeweled eye patches to buccaneer-esque advertising, pirate inspirations such as these show how our culture's continuing affinity for roguish sailors living flamboyantly above the law remains a major driving force in business, art and fashion.

Whether there is something innately attractive within the archetype of idealized piracy or if it's just because of the popular Disney movie franchise, pirate inspirations like these undeniably demonstrate how businesses and artists around the world are able to capture our imagination by delving into the wonderful world of a mischievously captivating genre.