'I am the Passenger' by Craig Owen has Nautical Panache

There's a real romanticism about legendary pirates of the past, and 'I am the Passenger' by Craig Owen succeeds in channeling that mystery into a fabulous display of female deckhand fashions. Starring the lovely Juliana Forge, these seabound shots breed much more glamor than must have historically existed.

Sailing across the pages of Fashion Quarterly, the feminine photographs feature a range of versatile styles from sweeping diaphanous dresses, to layered casual wear with pants. the common theme is the way that the garments catch the breeze like wind in a ship's sails, showing off the intricate embroidery of lace and chiffon.

Aboard an old pirate ship with wooden masts and red sails, 'I am the Passenger' by Craig Owen offers fresh classic fashions as if revitalized by the currents. Juliana Forge poses with such grace and control, wearing winsome draped dresses amidst the mayhem of the waves.