- Oct 24, 2013
These sultry sailor looks are ideal for anyone looking to infuse some refreshing nautical aspects into their ordinary wardrobe.

There's something quite fascinating about the aspect of living or working out at sea, with sailors often being associated with types of people who spend copious amounts of time out sailing the gorgeous blue sea. It is because sailors are often recognized by their clothing that replicating those designs in mainstream fashion is a fun way to have ordinary people feel like they're cruising the oceanside. From modern nautical menswear looks to revealing sailor ensembles, these sultry sailor looks are offering adventurous fashionistas the opportunity to wear authentic-looking sailor getups but with a contemporary twist.

Perfect for those looking to showcase their love for the open water, these sultry sailor looks will definitely have you feeling like a seafarer in no time.

From Shirtless Sailor Shoots to Modern Sailor Fashion: