From Chic Nautical Editorials to Stylish Seaworthy Shoots

 - Jul 13, 2015
These nautical editorials portray a stunning sense of style paired with the beautiful sea. While each seaside editorial features the deep blue sea and grainy sand, no two nautical editorials are the same. ELLE UK's Jasmine Tookes captures dreamy nautical fashion while Vogue China features Shu Pei Qin and Tian Yi displaying sisterly love by the seaside.

While most of these shoots are of the modern day, some of these nautical editorials portray a very retro look. Ashley Smith's Harper's Bazaar spread features classic nautical beauty and a 50s-style sailor cap, while Vadim Galaganov's 'Sold Love' editorial features manly sailors that also contribute to the 50s aesthetic.

Finally, these nautical editorials also include sultry seaside shoots such as leggy cruise campaigns and teasing nautical shoots.