From Steamy Studio Campaigns to Luxe Romance Fashion Ads

 - Jul 6, 2013
Stirring up an emotion in viewers is a creative way for marketers to grab their attention, and these seductive ad campaigns are utilizing sultry techniques as a way to connect with consumers.

Showcasing models or women strutting around in scantily clad outfits and ensembles will surely get the attention of viewers, especially the male demographic. Utilizing such techniques as revealing clothing, suggestive poses and intimate situations, these seductive ad campaigns are targeting a newer generation of youths who are unashamed by nudity, risque references and sultry themes. From sensual shoe campaigns to soaking wet models promoting fragrances, these seductive ad campaigns are utilizing sexual references and suggestive themes to make an impression on viewers.

While not necessarily appropriate for those who are more conservative, these seductive ad campaigns will definitely attract those who are drawn to enticing and attractive imagery.