Sudden Surge In Attacks In 2007

 - May 19, 2007
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There has been a rise in the number of real life pirates marauding key travel routes in the deep seas. And they're not just after the rich and famous on their yachts. These bad guys are attacking fishing boats, gas tankers and even aid ships.

Andrew Linington of the maritime offcers' union noted, "The big worry is that the attacks are getting much more violent," says Andrew Linington, of the maritime officers' union, Numast, which warns about the escalating problem. It's moved on from being maritime muggings, where half a dozen robbers would steal something and escape, to something much more organised with much greater use of weaponry."

This increase was especially noticed just after the Tsunami when at least two ships delivering relief supplies were attacked. And again during April and into May of 2007 there has been another surge in the number of attacks occuring off the coasts of Africa and Thailand.