Research Shows That Filesharing is Not Hurting CD Sales

 - Feb 9, 2007
References: hypnozebra & techdirt
Har Mateys!!! Music downloaders around the world can rejoice at the discovery that downloading music has little to no impact on CD sales. Of course, as one commenter from Techdirt points out: "The main problem is that no matter what happens to CD sales, it still fits the RIAA's delusions. If sales decrease, it's because of piracy... we need more DRM and lawsuits...if sales increase, it's because of DRM fighting piracy, so we need more DRM and lawsuits... So, no matter what happens, it fits their model, and we get more DRM and lawsuits."

Even so, it's music to many downloaders ears who are content to win this battle in the ongoing music war.