- Mar 28, 2012
Striped nautical features have been turning up on a variety of haute couture catwalks, and subsequently on the world's pool decks. At the same time, the growth of nautical time pieces and sea-themed online dating websites has brought about a new maritime motif in the realms of construction, photography, digital art and more.

The rise of seafaring styles seen among talented production and marketing teams is fitting with the glamorous images that are commonly associated with a nautical lifestyle. A life at sea often evokes glittering dreams of bustling yachts and smiling, sun-kissed sailors. These resplendent and highly sought-after visions have been emulated within these nautical features. With colorful boat shoes and charming white hats, they have managed to capture a bit of the oceanic glitz.

Seaside Dating Websites and Haute Couture Flip Flops: