Sofa Boat is Rad, but Ill-Advised

 - Mar 3, 2010
References: marinebusiness-world & dvice
Well, I know what I'm going to saving up for this summer. The Sofa Boat is here to give even the laziest of nautical dwellers one more reason to kick up their boat shoes and relax. Coming in at a not-so small $16,000, the Sofa Boat is controlled by a joystick and comes with a fridge on board.

The Sofa Boat is designed with the fat-of-body and the fat-of-bank-account in mind. Coincidentally, this bad boy is strictly-electric and therefore as eco-friendly as can be. Nice to know, but that really doesn't help me get past the fact that some CEO is cruising over to his golf buddy's yacht right now on a Sofa Boat that costs 8x more than my car.

Yum... taste that jealousy.