These Ship Concepts by Alex McDiarmid Play Off Conchology

 - Aug 1, 2011
References: mcdiarmid-design_
Alex McDiarmid is the magical mind behind this seashell-inspired yacht concept. The British Designer harkens a nautical aesthetic to create such a unique and nature-inspired vessel (as can be seen by the large shell-like structures at the top of the boats). The shells on the top of the boat actually have the purpose of acting as skylights -- letting light in and achieving a dazzling visual display. Conchology (the study of shells) is the inspiration behind this 295ft yacht's look. Even its coloring seems to have been borrowed from an exotic shell that once washed up on the shore of a far away land.

And what would a luxury, 18 knot boat be without the toys to match? Alex McDiarmid displays helicopters, sea scooters, kayaks and more alongside his renderings of his eccentric ship.