The Garvida Velaro Shower Pulls a Nautical Theme to Your Poolside

 - Oct 7, 2011
References: & trendir
If you've got any need to hose down outdoors, it's generally because you've taken a dip in your chlorinated pool or a swim in the nearby lake or ocean. The look of the Garvida Velaro shower is then very appropriate for any house with such man-made or natural facilities, given that its form is reminiscent of a sailboat.

The charming patio rinser is constructed on a slatted wooden base that's cut to resemble the bow of a boat. A durable Gardan synthetic wicker fabric is wraps around two of its three edges, acting as a spray barrier on one side and a backsplash on the other. The nozzle of the Garvida Velaro shower is mounted at the apex of the second textile wall, appearing with its curved shape as a mainsail full of wind.